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Our Platform:

Points of Unity

These Points reflect the Coalition's work with movement elders, Indigenous leaders, and prominent social justice leaders across the state. 

Protect the Sacred 
  • Standing against the commodification of what is sacred; land, water, air, our communities

Debunk Greenwashed Solutions
  • Addressing corporate roles in climate mitigation, market-based/nature based solutions

    • Basing solutions on individual/consumer change, rather than addressing the global market and making systematic change

    • Dismantle global capitalism, neoliberal climate policies, imperialism  

    • Aligned opposition against net-zero, offsetting schemes, fossil fueled hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, geo-engineering, biomass, etc. 

Build Collective Grassroots Power 
  • Decentering/shifting power from white institutions 

  • Counternarrative - Legacy of false solutions, the legacy of stealing land and water, a legacy of colonialism

  • Look at the historic legacy of false solutions; including white conservation efforts, consumer-based solutions (what is that?) individual changes to help mitigate climate change

Build an Intergenerational Movement 
  • Bringing people together to share stories, information, traditional knowledge 

  • Love, care, and respect 

We Speak for Ourselves
  • Jemez Principles, climate/environmental justice movements, history of EJ in NM

  • This is the foundation of our No False Solutions movement 

  • Solidarity, mutuality, and trust 

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