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Since founding Steering Committee member, Pueblo Action Alliance (PAA) attended the first pilot program with the Indigenous Environmental Network on Carbon Pricing in July 2019, the organization pivoted its work to encompass a strong opposition against the commodification of air. PAA has organized its campaign work based on the historic legacy of oil and gas, uranium mining, and other extractive industries and additionally has worked to build its political analysis on market-based mechanisms written into proposed New Mexico climate policies, executive orders and MOUs. 


PAA, as well as YUCCA and other Steering Committee Members, have worked to provide popular education resources and workshop trainings to other frontline and grassroots groups to prepare themselves for their own political positionality. During the summer of 2021, after organizing mutual aid and Greater Chaco efforts throughout the pandemic, PAA hosted its first Carbon Conference, which brought partner and grassroots organizations together to take a deep dive to debunk greenwashing climate policies and its international, national and regional political context. With the guidance of the Indigenous Environmental Network and Los Jardines Institute, the first conference provided a grassroots space to discuss upcoming state legislative initiatives to implement policies that endorsed “net zero” and “market-based mechanism” to address the climate crisis. 


Since then, frontline, youth, and grassroots organizations have been working together to denounce false solutions that appear in New Mexico climate legislation. PAA, YUCCA, LJI, Indigenous Lifeways, Earth Care, and New Energy Economy holistically became the core coordinating group for the coalition, with a strong presence during the 2022 New Mexico legislative session opposing eight iterations of hydrogen and net zero climate bills. Following the 60-day session, PAA, YUCCA, and LJI organized a second No False Solutions Gathering to bring communities together to discuss current and future false solutions and begin strategizing for the next legislative session and other upcoming events and trainings.


This coalition continues to provide popular education and resources to help communities understand what are "false climate solutions", how they greenwash proposed climate solutions, and how they uphold the neoliberal agenda. We aim to continue mobilizing communities that are facing the impact of the climate crisis and continue the protection of what is sacred.  

Objective: Mobilize a united grassroots and frontline movement against False Climate Solutions in New Mexico and beyond.


Goals: Climate Justice, Environmental Justice, Economic Justice, Social Justice, Reproductive Justice and all other intersections to build a New Mexico-centric Just Transition. Continuing to empower Indigenous, Frontline, and POC-led communities. 

To get in contact with the Coalition please contact the Coalition Coordinator, Alejandría Lyons, at 

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